New daleks
The daleks are the doctors greatest enemys they fought against him in the great time war but now matter how much they get deatheated, they always find a way of retuning.

The daleks come from the planet scaro where the kaled and the thals had been at war for generations. Davros who had become the greatest scientist throughout the kaled people discoverd that the chemical wepons used in the war were causing the kaleds to mutate into small tenticaled beings he decided to create a travel machine made of policarbite and dalekanium, it was armed with a powerful suker that could activate machines and scan for inteligants, and was also armed with a deadly ray gun that exterminate eney life form with one shot he named this machine a dalek. He sent the daleks that he had already created to destroy the thals, but then because davro had put no emotions in them but agretion they then went and exterminated the kaleds and davros.

Ever since their fearful origan the dalek have brought destruction acros the univers

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